Creation and support of a b2c online shop with handcrafted educational products for children.

Online shop for children's educational toys
(Montessori® licensed seller).

Assortment specifics
The main direction: unique wooden toys aimed at developing children's motor skills.

Most of the goods are handmade toys made from hypoallergenic and safe, environmentally friendly fabrics.

The goods are sorted according to the age of a child and according to the principles of sensitive development.

The uniqueness of the store - we attract manufacturers from all over the world because we have an exclusive priority: the uniqueness and usefulness of a toy for the child.
The principles of creating a functional concept

The automated order processing on the Shopify platform that we have implemented makes it possible to reserve goods, issue invoices, place orders and receive payments.
What does it give to us?

● You can find a product in the system as easily and conveniently as possible, if you enter data you can see the price of a product, the balance in the warehouses and the expected receipt and dispatch.
● Automation of the payment system.
● All of this helps to plan the inventory as efficiently as possible, taking into account the sales volume.
9 main development phases of a Promo One online store on the Shopify platform:
Approval of goals,
requirements and key KPIs
Definition of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Prepare a Shopify warehouse and inventory system, which is a very convenient platform
Automation of work in warehouses,
stock availability of goods,
interface design and writing of technical tasks
Design development

Module development and integration of Shopify
Testing and "Debugging"
Training of employees
Gather feedback
We'll break down some of these points by describing the nuances of each step.

Nowadays one can talk about the positive results from integrated automation:

● The workload of the sales department has been significantly reduced
● Order processing time has been reduced
● Visual statistics on the relevance of order data have appeared

Another aspect that deserves special attention in a multicurrency store is pricing.
The prices in our shop are linked to the Swiss franc. But payments can be accepted in any of 9 currencies.
This means that the management team had to make a choice: work with a live exchange rate that is current at the time of sale, or work with a fixed exchange rate.
We chose the first option because it is a natural choice economically. But one should pay attention to the problem related to the return of goods.
The exchange rate at the time the product is returned may differ from the exchange rate at the time of purchase. This affects the cost of the product. We solve this matter in favor of the customer: and the customer sees our loyalty, which in turn leads to customer loyalty to our store.

The selection for each online shop can be determined by different conditions. In our case, we chose customer loyalty.
User experience on the
"after purchase" step
● The user can submit a rating.
● The user can have an additional benefit - a discount on a future purchase.
● We actively work with a user base and develop relevant content to get to know customers with profitable and assortment offers.

Educational goods for children are purchased from time to time - this is the peculiarity of online sales in this segment. That's why we worked out the functionality of repeat purchases. The "selected products" functionality enables you to collect product groups for permanent use, and adding such a set to the shopping basket is done with one click.
This functionality helps to increase the average bill, the conversion and the customer loyalty.
You don't need any prior knowledge. We take care of everything - from creation to maintenance and optimization of your site.
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