SEO agency for your digital marketing in Switzerland

1. Promoone your SEO agency in Switzerland

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as Search Engine Marketing, combines digital techniques to improve your website's visibility in search engines.

Building a website is an essential step in your digital marketing, but that alone is not enough. You need to organically reference your website in order for it to be visible to internet users. Search engine marketing is a strategy that consists of integrating the pages of your website and the trends sought by your target audience in your area. When people enter these keywords, search engines can display your business name on the first page of results.

Search engine marketing may seem like an easy strategy to achieve. However, the implementation requires compliance with many of Google's criteria, including a long-term strategy, as well as regular monitoring in order to constantly be aligned with the needs of your target group and ensure a positive ROI.

As a search engine optimization agency, Promoone can help you apply these techniques and allow you to optimize your website in a number of ways:

Onsite (quality of content and keywords, structure, UX, site performance)
Offsite (networking, social networks)
In addition to being an essential channel in any digital strategy, SEO has many benefits, such as:
Be seen by your target audience as it increases your online presence;
Build a community around your brand;
Improve your organic website traffic (it increases the number of visits and/or reaches a better qualified audience);
Improve your conversion rate.

2. How does Promoone manage your SEO marketing in Switzerland?

By optimizing the SEO of your website, you can increase the number of visits and sales on it. By using SEO tools, we can help you get your website ranked on the first page of search engines through Search Engine Optimization Marketing. So we do it:

First step: Business analysis & definition of SEO KPIs

We start by understanding your field of activity and analyze your competitors and their positioning to identify keyword research trends in your business environment. Then we define with you the relevant search engine optimization KPIs that you can track for your business according to your business goals: the number of organic visits, the evolution of your Google position for your most important keywords, the click-through rate (or CTR) per keyword, conversion rate, etc .

Second step: optimization of your SEO marketing in Switzerland

We check the organic referencing of your website based on four criteria (technical/semantics/UX/backlinks), the keywords that drive traffic to your website and your positioning in search engines. This helps us develop a content strategy that fits your audience and define future actions to be implemented.

Based on an analysis of your digital ecosystem, our SEO specialists can guide you and help you improve your website's SEO and stand out in search engines. Our SEO audit coupled with our personal advice can help you achieve your awareness and engagement goals.

From a full search engine marketing audit of your website, our digital experts can determine which pages need to be optimized and on which qualitative keywords they need to position themselves. They provide you with a concrete plan of action to help you improve your online presence and search engine position.

Third step: set up search engine marketing

We will implement an organic referencing strategy that includes:
Implementation of backlinks, mobile compatibility and image and page size improvements to optimize user experience.

Create high-quality titles and meta descriptions that evoke the page's content in search results.

Adding structured data allows you to describe your content to search engines, making it easier for them to understand what's on your pages. Search engines can use this interpretation to display your content attractively in the search results.

Creating a true structured hierarchy of your pages to make page navigation easier for Internet users. URLs containing words relevant to your site's content and structure are more user-friendly. We optimize your images using HTML elements so that robots can find and process your images.

We block unwanted crawls using a robots.txt file that we place in the root of your website. Our search engine optimization agency Promoone will also create a sitemap that tells search engines what pages have been added or changed.

Content containing a reasonable number of keywords selected according to search volume.

Fourth step: Monitoring & Reporting

Every month we will send you a report with the KPIs, the goals achieved and a detailed analysis of your SEO.

This is accompanied by a summary of the various adjustments made by our SEO agency over the past month: correcting errors, implementing meta titles and descriptions, correcting and rewriting URLs, optimizing your images, semantic and structured data corrections and our progress on backlink strategy.

Based on this, we will make recommendations for the coming month to improve your content, CTR and bounce rate.

3. Why should you choose Promoone for SEO in Switzerland?

A multidisciplinary team at Promoone takes care of your search engine marketing, including experts in marketing, communication, UX and technology. Because an SEO marketing strategy is part of a multi-channel and cross-data approach.

Our SEO specialists use state-of-the-art tools to track and understand your customers' behavior on your website. Integrated into a commercial strategy, organic referencing can have a direct impact on a company's sales and online reputation. In fact, search engine marketing can help you spend less on advertising and better manage your budget.

Everything we do is geared towards growing your qualified traffic. Once your search engine marketing is optimized, it becomes very difficult for a competitor to overtake you. Maintaining your strong SEO strategy over time is even better as your domain name's reputation will increase.

We are also able to combine organic referencing with paid referencing to give you instant visibility; for example, if you want to advertise a specific service, product or promotion at a specific time.

By combining these two types of SEO, you can increase your chances of getting strong website positioning, increase your website traffic, and subsequently improve the volume of your sales.