“Why do you need a website when there is Instagram, Facebook?”

this question is often asked by our customers and acquaintances in conversations. What is the site for? What is its advantage over other ways of showing yourself on the Internet? What tasks can only he take on? In this article, we have covered all the questions and given some examples.

Builds image and trust

The site will help create the desired image of the project. In essence, a website is the home of your project. Here, as in any house, the layout is important - the structure of the site and the style - design, but most importantly, the house tells about its owner, introduces him more closely and fills the guest with a feeling of friendship. The more details from the life of your project a guest sees on the site, the brighter the feeling of personal acquaintance will be. And it's easier to trust a friend, nice to buy from, and you want to talk about them.

If we continue the comparison, it turns out that social networks are a meeting with friends in a cafe, which is also a very important part of the life of the project. And the site is a personal welcome at your home, a kind of cozy tête-à-tête conversation. On the website you can show the result of your work in the way you would like to be seen and perceived. This is important for creating the image of the project and building a brand.

Helps keep customers

If all your customers are on social networks as subscribers, there is a high risk of losing them. This can happen over time, for example after an update or change in the algorithm in the post feed. For example, if you don't promote a post on Facebook, only 10-15% of all subscribers will see it. Instagram has also introduced an "intelligent" feed that displays posts according to its internal rules. And you can lose customers in a day - after banning or hacking an account.

The site will help prevent the total loss of customers. Even if the account is blocked on social networks, customers can always go to the site and place an order. And in the content management system, you always keep the contacts of your customers and can contact them at any time.
Advertises and sells

It is much easier to organize the sale of goods on the site - the customer does not need to write private messages and send samples of dresses to find out which ones are available. In the online store, the buyer immediately gets acquainted with the size chart, chooses the desired model, color and shipping method. And you will receive an email with all the information about the order. This is convenient for both buyers and sellers.

In an online store, it's easy to use sales development tools that help increase average check and sales. For example, you can launch promotions, send email campaigns, show a product from different angles, automatically recommend additional products, create discounts with promotional codes, and much more. Separate sections on special conditions for regular customers, payment and delivery conditions also have a strong impact on sales. The website is like a personal assistant in the store, prompting, advising and taking the order. And he works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Helps with orders

Messages in instant messengers can get lost, letters sometimes end up in spam, or the customer doesn't wait for an answer and buys somewhere else where they can get an answer faster. In the case of an online store, the buyer receives an email about their order and is definitely waiting for your call and confirmation. Letters about new orders from the site are also sent to you, your manager or assistant and are stored in the content management system. You can view the order history and analyze sales at any time.
Provides access to analytics

Analyzing the results of the work done, advertising campaigns and sales is an important building block on the road to success. Thanks to Google.Analytics, you can see which promotions and banners work, where your customers come from and much more information that will help you increase sales or draw attention to your project. So you can only spend your advertising budget on the channels that really bring you profit. If you need to connect Google.Analytics to your website, Promoone can offer this service absolutely free as part of the website development plan.

Increases the level of service

The fact that your customers can always find the information they need is a huge plus, but don't limit yourself to that. Working with the customer doesn't end with the sale of the product - they may have questions about how to use the product or want to learn more about it. Creating simple and understandable product descriptions, adding online support, and creating an FAQ page will help with that. For example, if you sell jewelry, post articles with maintenance tips and tricks; if you sell groceries, share cooking recipes. Sincere diligence and a desire to help will reach the heart of the strictest buyer.

Helps collect feedback

On the reviews page, ask if your customer was satisfied with the purchase, what their wishes were. This helps to increase loyalty and make the customer a repeat customer. And new site visitors can always see customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

If you seriously decide to develop your project, the site will be a reliable friend and assistant. If you need website development, you can leave your request on the website and we will provide you with a calculation for its development.