7 essential elements of a mono-brand online store

The main fundamental difference between a mono-brand online store and a standard one is large investments in brand development.

Branding can only be felt. People buy a product from one brand because of the established trust, history, emotional connection they feel towards the brand. Accordingly, creating a powerful and attractive online brand is the main KPI of any marketer and owner of a highly specialized online store. Unfortunately, this KPI cannot be assigned any qualitative or quantitative value, but if you do everything right, you will feel how all the other indicators will start to grow.
In this article, you will not find any techniques for increasing conversions. Today we will talk about the very elements of a mono-brand online store that create the first impression and build long-term brand relationships with visitors, creating that very emotional connection and trust. Perhaps some points will seem obvious to you, but, as practice shows, many do not implement even half of the following.

1. Tell your story.
Transparency is one of the criteria for building trusting relationships. In the process of communication between people, a special emotional connection is always built when it comes to stories and stories. And the more interesting and transparent the story of the interlocutor, the stronger the emotional connection. In this case, transparency should be understood as honesty and openness.

You must tell your brand story and do it in such a way that your visitors feel your brand the way you burn with it. This means that the emotional component should permeate all the moments of the formation of your brand.

Here are the main points you should talk about:
·       Tell the story of the launch - how it all started, the very ideology and mission.
·       What exactly turns you on in what you do.
·       Why is it important?
·       How is your product useful for your target audience and everyone involved in it?
·       The pain of failure and the euphoria of the first victories.
·       Tell us about the people who create this brand.
The goal is to infect the buyer with the idea that despite the abundance of other brands with similar products, he should buy from you. The final decision, especially at the moment of a spontaneous purchase, is made by a person on the level of emotions.


Another example of a brand Мattmorriswines

Each brand is built around a specific set of principles. Be sure to tell your customers about them. If the ideals of the brand resonate with the personal principles of the buyers, then they will inevitably begin to share the general philosophy of the brand.
2. People buy from people.
Pay attention to the information block or a separate section where you tell about those who create this brand. So you will transfer a large amount to the trust account.

For example, the way it is done in R + Co...

Great example of a project team with a CV - online store Nine Line's

3. Don't overestimate expectations.
Your internet business will only grow if you build long-term relationships with your customers. Don't disappoint your visitors by making false promises. Creating a situation where you promise more than you can actually do will alienate your audience and destroy the trust you seek.

Therefore, be careful when describing the process of returning items and the benefits of shipping. Be honest about your options.

No need to show the wonders of copywriting when describing a return policy. The description of the process should be clear and not raise additional questions.

4. Anticipate expectations.
If you promise less, but do more than the customer expects of you, then the customer's LTV and the frequency of his purchases will skyrocket. In addition, he will tell his friends about it.

For example, it can be a small gift that the buyer will find in his package upon receipt of the goods.

Few online stores think about the quality and attractiveness of the packaging of their goods, and someone does not pay due attention to this at all and the buyer receives a purchase, at best, in an ordinary cardboard box. In a mono-brand online store, this cannot be neglected, because it creates that very added value.

No one wants to share on social networks their emotions from a purchase at the time of unpacking, if the quality of the packaging is at a low level, and, by the way, social networks are the main source of traffic attraction in the case of a mono brand.

MrPorter understands this and posted video on the site about your attitude to packaging.

Sometimes it is enough to express sincere feelings to the buyer by thanking him for the purchase. Send a customer who makes more than two purchases from you a card with your signature thank you card. This will be your first step towards building a lasting, long-term relationship with your client.

5. Focus on your target audience.
It is written about in almost all books on marketing, but it is still neglected by many. In the case of a highly specialized online store, neglecting the analysis of target persons is detrimental to the business in principle, since if you do not work out the portrait of the target person, you simply will not be able to build communication - you will speak with the audience in different languages.

The most successful story is when the brand creator is a representative of the very target audience. In this case, he, like no one else, understands all the needs, fears and objections of his clients.

One example is a mono-brand store Nine Line's which we talked about earlier.

The founder is a veteran patriot who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is the main message for the main page of the online store that exactly resonate with the principles of the target audience.

6. Tell us about the production.
If the product you are selling belongs to the premium segment, tell us about the production process. This will create an added value effect. Watching this video should usually close the visitor's objection to the high cost of the product.

Brand Manufacturing Process Video ROYAUMS

Another interesting example manufacturer of men's accessories.

Immerse your visitors in a special atmosphere that conveys the spirit of your brand.

This is how Penny created video series where they talk about the everyday adventures of creative people from all walks of life.

7. Prepare quality content.

I think everyone perfectly understands how important it is to correctly and fully tell about your product. In a highly specialized store, the content in the product card, in contrast to the content of the product card in a typical online store, should describe in as much detail all the features of the product as possible, paying special attention to the little things, because they contain the uniqueness of the product.

The German armchair and chair manufacturer HILLMANN LIVING GMBH & CO has built on this idea product presentation in the card... product card has simulator, thanks to which you will select glasses with the best view and glasses for you in "combat conditions".

To summarize the above, if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, then the most reasonable investment of time and money is both in the development of your personal brand and in the brand under which you sell your product.

Content is the new social currency. Today we absorb a huge amount of information, obviously more than our brain can process. If you can be a source of inspiration or just be on the topic of your target audience's interests, people will buy from you. Valuable and understandable content will give you personality and build from well-known brands.