The 5 biggest advantages of working with an SEO agency

Are you considering hiring an SEO agency or have you thought of contacting an SEO expert, but you are not sure whether he can really bring something to your company? Then you're probably wondering what are the advantages of working with an SEO agency instead of doing your website's search engine optimization in-house.

As one of the leading Swiss SEO agencies, Promoone knows that outsourcing the SEO department can offer many advantages. In the long run, these benefits even outweigh the cost savings you might get from trying to do SEO yourself, especially if you're pressed for time or are inexperienced.

Remember that Promoone is there for you, whether in Zurich, Bern or Lucerne - your Swiss SEO agency is there for you canton-wide.

Let's talk about some of the biggest benefits that come with hiring an SEO agency to work with you on your website and how outsourcing the SEO department can help significantly improve your rankings, your leads and customers and drastically reduce your overall marketing costs.
The top five benefits of hiring an SEO agency

Here are the top five benefits you get from working with an experienced SEO optimization agency.

1. SEO improves your website

As you may already know, search engine optimization is vital for your website. In the past, it may only have taken those working in specialty areas and explicit industries with strong competition to see their websites take the top spot in search engine results pages (or SERPs). But in every industry there is competition and SEO has become necessary to basically reach potential customers or leads.

Without SEO, your website may never get the attention it needs to rank high. If your website isn't properly optimized to load quickly, target the most relevant keywords, and compete head-on with others in your industry, you may find it extremely difficult - if not impossible - to grow your online sales without investing a fortune in other marketing approaches.

An SEO marketing agency can help you implement the methods that are crucial to increasing your search visibility, improving your chances of reaching potential customers or leads, while reducing the amount of money you spend for have to spend on marketing.

2. SEO agencies have experience

While you may know the basics of SEO or have been reading articles and blog posts on the subject for quite some time, you may not have much experience with actually optimizing your website. Or you can learn SEO optimization over time and try different tactics on your site to see what works. Does that sound familiar to you?

The success of your business shouldn't be based on experimentation or guesswork. In fact, if you don't know what you're doing, it's possible that SEO is hurting your website instead of helping it. For example, link building can certainly help your authority, but the wrong type of links can get your site penalized — and even removed from search engine results as a penalty.

SEO marketing agencies have the knowledge and experience needed to make smart decisions for your website that will result in an increase in your ranking and visibility, not a decrease. They also typically have experience working with a wide variety of clients across multiple industries, enabling them to appropriately handle your unique ranking situation, needs and expectations.

Partnering with one of the leading SEO analysis agencies also ensures that you know how to deal with unexpected changes such as algorithm updates or even penalties. SEO agencies have experienced this many times before and can guide you smoothly and quickly through any potential issue.

3. SEO analysis agencies get the best results

As mentioned earlier, you don't want to leave your business's success to chance or possibly damage your website. Even if you mean well or do a lot of research, you may just not be able to achieve the same level of success online as an SEO professional.

An SEO agency with years of experience can evaluate your website, your targets and your competitors and create a comprehensive plan to increase your visibility in search results. They can track your progress and adjust their plans to make sure you're on the right track to get the best results no matter how long it takes.

4. Outsource your SEO so you can focus on what you do best

If you've been reading about SEO for a while, you might be wondering where to find the time to optimize your website, write new content, and build links. You may also be concerned that you are not professional enough to complete these tasks or that you cannot complete them quickly enough to increase your site's visibility.

Working with a professional SEO agency allows you to focus on what you do best - running your business - while they take care of the rest. You'll also stress less about how your site performs in searches, knowing that a group of professionals is taking care of it.
5. Full service companies can help with more than just SEO

Finally, if you decide to work with a full-service internet marketing agency as opposed to a company that only offers SEO services, you can lean on them for all your online marketing needs. Whenever you need help with website content, advertising, inbound marketing, web design or anything else, you know exactly who to turn to.

Full-service agencies also often offer discounted pricing to clients who are expanding their scope from a basic SEO package to a full-service package. Hopefully, as you develop your business relationship with them, you will find that they can meet your needs in a timely manner and help you grow your own business and achieve your broader goals – not just improving your search engine visibility.

Many full-service agencies offer bundled packages for businesses that can do SEO, inbound marketing, content marketing, or a website redesign at the same time. So be sure to ask for an individual plan!